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Political news in Omsk (page 3 of 7)

02/01/2018 19:20Russia eyes flour mill expansion to absorb wheat crop: ministry    ( AgriCensus )
According to the ministry, allocations for Omsk and Novosibirsk have already been exhausted in the first month of the scheme, with “at least 100,000 mt” extra expected to be added to their quota. Russia has provided a grain transport subsidy to state rail monopoly Russian Railways since late 2017, ...
01/30/2018 19:25Fisherman left gobsmacked after catching mysterious 'mutant dragon fish' complete with horns on ...    (Daily Star)
'Radioactive' mutant fish with HORNS 'spawned by Vladimir Putin's nuclear rocket tests' - Daily Star
01/30/2018 03:20Russians brave frigid weather to protest Putin and election    ( The Boston Globe )
A video broadcast from Omsk, in central Siberia, showed a woman yelling, “They don't want elections because they don't want anything to change.” The protests, expected in almost 100 cities, were called by Alexey A. Navalny, a charismatic, anticorruption opposition leader, after he was barred from ...
01/29/2018 11:20Russian opposition begins nationwide protest, calls for election boycott    ( Times of Oman )
Supporters of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny attend a rally for a boycott of a March 18 presidential election in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, ... "Putin is gobbling up Russia's future," read another. Other protests took place in Novosibirsk, Kurgan, Omsk, Magadan, Kemerovo and Yakutsk.
01/22/2018 03:25Ksenia Sobchak: The 'It' girl out to topple Putin    ( The Australian )
Mothers waited with babies in a dimly lit corridor, its floor covered in grime, the walls crumbling and stained. Ksenia Sobchak peered through a door at a lavatory bin stuffed with rubbish and pinched her nose to block the smell. For the former reality TV star and celebrity socialite there is only one person ...
01/20/2018 19:40Faith conquers the cold: across Siberia, Russians mark Orthodox Epiphany    ( The Siberian Times )
Further west in European Russia at Lake Seliger, Tver region, President Vladimir Putin led the way in temperatures of around -7C, as the footage shows. ... In western Siberia, the regions of Novosibirsk and Omsk recorded temperatures of -14 and -17C as people doused themselves in the cold water.
12/27/2017 03:20World's shortest subway system not to be finished because it is too short to be proud of    ( Pravda )
According to Acting Governor of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov, the future fate of the Omsk subway will depend on decisions of the authorities, ... Omsk is one of the largest cities in Russia with the population of nearly 1.2 million. The construction of the Omsk subway system commenced in 1992.
12/26/2017 11:25Russia's Election Commission Rejects Navalny's Presidential Bid    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
According to the law, Navalny needed 500 endorsements in each of 20 cities across the country, his campaign said. Similar events took place in 19 other cities, including St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Perm, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Yekaterinburg. "There is no large-scale support for Putin and ...
12/25/2017 19:45Navalny Says He's Now an 'Official Candidate' to Run For Russian President    ( Voice of America )
Similar events took place in 19 other cities, including Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Perm, Omsk, and Krasnoyarsk. Navalny has said that according to the law, he needed 500 nominations in each of 20 cities across the country. He later tweeted that he had secured the signatures, saying: "I have become an ...
12/01/2017 01:25Ombudswoman asks investigators to speed up check of persecuted gay's complaint    ( )
Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights Ombudswoman in Russia, who earlier promised state protection to Omsk gay Maxim Lapunov, complained about persecution in Chechnya for her sexual orientation, asked the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to speed up the check on the ...
11/18/2017 13:45Kremlin Uses 'Preventive Democracy' to Reinforce Russia's Post-Federalism (Part One)    ( The Jamestown Foundation )
In autumn, the governors of 11 other regions—Omsk, Samara, Nizhny ... For example, the youngest governor in Russia is the 31-year-old Anton ...
11/18/2017 00:40Chechen authorities ready to accept apologies of gay who confessed to homosexuality    ( )
Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman in Russia, stated that the Omsk resident should be given state protection and a criminal case ...
11/07/2017 10:10Ex-Governors Tolokonsky and Nazarov won't get golden parachutes    ( )
Former Krasnoyarsk and Omsk region governors Viktor Tolokonsky and Viktor Nazarov retired this fall following Russian President Vladimir Putin's ...
11/04/2017 04:10CSUCI remembers Russian Revolution    ( Camarillo Acorn )
Michael Powelson, Ph.D., who taught at Omsk State University in western Siberia, said there are lessons from the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that are ...
10/29/2017 00:55Stars against the law. New wasted General Mitrofanov's case?    ( )
And in the near future the General living now in Omsk will be summoned for ... And in an open letter to the President of Russia, Krivoshein wrote that ...
10/13/2017 21:15Putin Wants to Run Russia Like a Corporation    ( Bloomberg )
By swiftly replacing 11 of 85 regional governors in the past two weeks, President Vladimir Putin is previewing plans to run Russia as a corporation ...
10/13/2017 11:55Want to be a Russian governor? Jump off a cliff (VIDEO)    ( RT )
If you really want to be a governor in Russia, it appears you have to be ready ... Footage of a stunt from the new training program for high-ranking Russian ... and Aleksandr Burkov, who was just appointed acting governor of the Omsk ...
10/13/2017 11:55Another Russian Regional Governor Replaced    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Another Russian Regional Governor Replaced ... The governor of Russia's western region of Pskov has resigned -- the 11th regional leader to ... this week, following the dismissals of the governors of the Ivanovo and Omsk regions.
10/10/2017 08:35Omsk Governor Out As Putin Pushes Ahead With Regional Reshuffle    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the governor of the Omsk region, Viktor Nazarov, the newest step in a shake-up of regional leaders ...
10/08/2017 20:40Pecuniary interest “friends of Russia”    ( (press release) )
Recently news Agency reported that Russia forgave Africa debt worth $ 20 billion. This became known after the talks of Russian President Vladimir ...


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